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Good Harbor Beach is popular in the summer, and for good reason.
Three beaches with their own personalities
You can  ll a week at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore with trips to beaches and hikes along trails. Whether you’re in to sunbathing
or woods watching, the entertainment factor is high in Leelanau.
The three trails cited as most popular by Lakeshore staff are Empire Bluffs, Pyramid Point and Alligator Hill. We covered the Empire and Pyramid trails earlier, and author Kathleen Stocking offers a passionate and historical view of Alligator Hill in the pages that follow. But what about the three most popular beaches in the Lakeshore?
They are North Bar Lake and the two Good Harbor Bay beaches — one at the end
of County Road 669 and the other at the end of County
Road 651. Each place offers its own personality for a pleasant visit, whether for the  rst of  fteenth time.
If you haven’t visited the Lakeshore in a few years,
you may be surprised to  nd less beach and more water. The higher water levels are considered healthy for the Great Lakes even though they might reduce beach size in some areas.
Empire Bluffs and North Bar Beach make a nice paring. To  nd North Bar Beach, follow Lacore Street north out of Empire to Voice Road and then to Bar Lake Road.
North Bar Lake has shallow, clear water over a sandy bottom that makes for a warmer swim than in Lake Michigan. But the big lake
is right nearby, making
for diversity in a beach experience.
Like much of the shoreline
in Leelanau County, North Bar Beach has been affected by rising lake waters. Some areas have experienced severe dune erosion and are closed for restoration. Visitors are asked to please obey closure signs.
After tackling Alligator Hill or Pyramid Point treks, you have your choice between two beaches that are both located west along M-22.
They similar. Both are found at road ends that offer up stunning Good Harbor in panorama. White beach. Manitous in the distance. Park Service-maintained restrooms.
And they are different. Commonly called Good Harbor Beach, the shoreline at the end of County Road 651
includes a recently upgraded and expanded parking lot. You might  nd a few more visitors here, which is  ne for many beach goers who enjoy the social side of life.
If you  nd a crowd at the end of Co. Rd. 669, you have options as Lake Michigan Drive parallels the beach east and west. Simply drive a little farther, get out and enjoy.
Shalda Creek also spices up the 669 beach. It’s good for rock hunting, and gives kids running water to vary their play routine.
And Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail extends to this beach. The  nal leg to Co. Rd. 651 has yet to be built.
You really can’t lose. Both beaches offer views of
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