Leelanau Pages Trivia Contest Entry Form

Limit one entry per person. There is no charge to enter. Entries must be received or postmarked by Friday, July 21, 2017, to qualify for grand prize. The Leelanau Pages is not responsible for lost or damaged entries, and shall be the sole arbitrator should any disputes arise from this free contest.. NOTE: Neither leelanaunews.com nor the Leelanau Enterprise will share or sell the personal information of participants.

Click here for our contest cheat sheet in PDF format.

Hint: Community Pages, Page 23

Hint: See page 88, Yellow Pages

Hint: see page 67, Yellow Pages

Hint: See page 41, Yellow Pages

Hint: See pate 26, Leelanau Pages

Hint: See page 61, Yellow Pages

Hint: See page 42, Community Pages

Hint: See page 104, Yellow Pages.

Hint: See page 95, Yellow Pages.

Hint: See page 19, Community Pages.